Maude Pop-up Shop


Maude Pop-up Shop: Project Overview
Team: Ali Weiner, Joseph Koroma, Charlotte Olmsted, Dennis Liu

How do we adjust a brand to provide a positive in-store experience?

The What:
The Maude Guide Shop for Sexual Wellness, expanding an e-commerce platform into an inclusive offline experience.

The Why:
Perception of sex stores remains tied to stigma.
A survey respondent says, “I just want a place that I wouldn’t feel embarrassed going in. I’m not a prude, but I have a certain sense of taste and decency that doesn’t make me feel welcome in your typical shop, even the “ethical” one in my city still has this air of the tawdry that puts me off”.

The How:
Get newcomers to feel comfortable in the sexual wellness industry by lowering the barrier to entry and making the process itself an act of self-care.

The After:
Change how we deliver the product in addition to the environment we deliver it in.

What I did:
Designed a pop-up store for the sex e-commerce store Maude.