Magic the Gathering: Mystic Memory

KAYA voiced by Nelly White

ZUR voiced by Tim Payne


Magic the Gathering Mystic Memory: Project Overview
Team: Charlotte Olmsted, Tim Payne, Nelly White, Andrew Lewis

How will Magic the Gathering survive in a world where players cannot meet in person?

The What:
As a passion project, I love playing Trading Card Games (TCGs) and concept art for Magic the Gathering (MTG) although I had not played it. Filled with determination and grit, I thought this assignment would be a fun way to make an interactive card game experience with my best friends (Voice acting by Tim Payne and Nelly White, music by Andrew Lewis) and have a good time.

Magic the Gathering: Mystic Memory
Magic the Gathering: Mystic Memory
12 cello by Andrew Lewis

The Why:
Covid-19 has closed card and game stores that hold MTG tournaments and there is a need to play the game with the cards that are temporarily not in use. (Although, very quickly, I have realized Wizards of the Coast, the maker of Magic the Gathering, has major issues in dealing with inclusivity that need to be addressed.)

The How:
I am making a card mat that responds to unique RFID cards associated with the game, existing in a digital and analog world.

Content includes:
● Interviews
● Animation in Spine 2D
● Context video/image
● Custom Interface Design
● Sound Design
● Programming

What I did:
Card mat design and electronics, Illustration, Animation, Wrote and recorded narrated characters