Dear Mom


Dear Mom: Project Overview
Team: Dominik Hofacker, Mayana-jael Williams, Charlotte Olmsted

How to make unrelated, intangible words into a tangible, relatable story.

The What:
Each team was assigned an event, a prop and a character that has to be in the video somewhere
(kind of like the 48 Hour Film Festival).

The Why:
This project was to get us “out of Covid-19 hell and back to when we could gather in groups,
shake hands, hug and all those other things that are temporarily taboo.”

The How:
I wrote a narrative to my mother, including family videos, to tell a “bitter-sweet story of love vs loss”. Loss of doing things such as Scuba Diving in Hawaii; sacrificed to the constant journey of motherhood, the carrier of a burden. I described the introspective regrets I have not told her and how she always guided me through my life, despite her own pain and suffering. This section is ⅓ of the video, with my team members writing their own personal messages to their mothers.

Content for the video must include the words:
● Scuba Diving
● Mother
● Hawaiian Shirt

What I did:
Video Editing. Wrote and narrated the video message. Pulled videos from my family’s video collection.