About Me

Born and raised in The Crescent City of New Orleans, I am finishing up the final weeks of a MS in Experience Design and carry a BA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Having retired from sacrificing time to the VCUart gods, I spend my spare time enjoying art-house films, playing videogames, spoiling my dog Lucy, and making red beans and rice.

When it comes to my approach to design, I go a step beyond expectations, taking into consideration the far-reaching ramifications and contexts in how media and technology influences the cultural psyche and operate as a feedback loop for the national social conversation. This comes from a background working for the beautifully diverse Innovative Media Lab at VCU where I got to work with, teach, and use a variety of new media technologies, as well as my passion for integrating science and research into my deliverables on projects. I am fascinated by the ability for gamification and game design itself to allow users to explore my works in a way that promotes self-discovery and satisfaction.

My current goal is to secure a position where I can leverage my unique skills and approach to design to build works that promote healthy narratives while supplying my clients with work that expands their branding image in a way that promotes a positive conversation about their brand and identity that is the envy of the industry.